How to: use Notepad++ with Textfile on Cloud (Dropbox)

Using Evernote almost everyday on mobile phones since year 2011, like it because of the convenient and user friendly interface. However, it is still not powerful as Notepad++ (text and source code editor on Windows platform) which is a lightning fast application and suitable for most text-based tasks.

Prefer to use Notepad++ on office desktop and personal latpop, i find open Notepad++ in background together with Photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom and Affinity Photo is smoother, compare to using Evenote on sometime laggy Firefox and Chrome. I don’t’t see the purpose of install Evernote application on Windows as Notepad++ fit my needs.

Now, Notepad++ doesn’t have cloud service themself, but you can integrate it with your existing cloud service, tested on Dropbox and Onedrive, both works. In this case, i can sync / edit those text file between Dekstop, Laptop and mobile devices.

Synology RT1900ac: Power Amplifier Failure

My recent bought Synology RT1900ac on 7th July 2017 been having low 2.4GHz signal coverage recently, to the point that not usable by devices located at first floor. Tried out many methods that found from webs but none can solve the problem. As advised from Synology website livechat operator, details, screenshot and Logs were sent to Synology technical support.


Router: Synology RT1900ac, firmware: SRM 1.1.4-6509 Update 3. Bought on 7th July 2017 at C-zone Computer, Petaling Jaya.

What’s the Issue: Router working fine from the day bought, but problem occured after last update SRM 1.1.4-6509 Update 3. 5GHz working fine as usual, but 2.4GHz not usable once distance away from 5GHz, when iPhone 7 Plus connected, it only shows 1 bar instead of 3-4 bars as previously. Connection will be dropped once loading apps that needed internet, such as YouTube, Facebook and Browser. Same happaned to all wireless devices stated below.

Synology RT1900ac : Unbox and Overview


Been looking for new router for some time, due to stock Unifi router needed to be restart once a while (dull connection) and perform very bad while there are 10 – 13 devices connected. Nowadays, one peoples easily got up to 3 devices: a smartphone, tablet and a laptop, with a NAS Synology DS115j and MiBox connected, any device that doing update or streaming video will caused all others experiencing slow connection.


After done some study and go through specs and features of Routers that fit in my budget around RM 400 – RM 700. Decided to give Synology Router a try, since the DS115j serve me very well and user interface still looks very fresh after all these years.

Synology Setting: RT1900ac Router and DS115j

The setup of my home network with RT1900ac to Unifi is not as smooth as i think, connection between Router and Synology DS115j also took me sometime to figure out the problem. However, all have sorted out and working perfectly now. Below are the progress and settings,


Firmware: according to C-Zone staff from Digital Mall Petaling Jaya, Synology RT1900ac does not support Unifi out of the box, means it will not support Unifi straight away if you bought it new from somewhere else. The router firmware need to be update to the new version, but it will be a problem to update because can’t connect to internet in the first place. Fortunately, friendly staff helped me to flash the firmware, the process took around 20 minutes.