Blackstar HT-1R (1 Watt valve combo with Reverb)

Bought the HT-1R (1 Watt valve combo with Reverb) a month ago from Calvin Chuah (Deadeye guitar and Crinson Music). Priced on RM 960, a little bit cheaper compare to Ultimate Music that selling for RM 1035. The only reason i bought from Deadeye is because delivery included, make easy for a lazy person like me.

This is my first valve amp, so it sounds very good to me since there are no comparison. Small 8-inch speaker but loud enough to have fun with, suitable for home practice, recording, easy to store and carry.

Blackstar are innovative and do think about what home user really want (small valve, home recording, size, multiple tones). For examples, the ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) and emulated output (for direct recoding). Moreover, it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket as Laney, Fender or Marshall amps.

Music Demo

My demo track as below, the electric guitar and bass guitar tracks recorded through Blackstar HT-1R emulated output.

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