Dropbox: About HTC 23GB two years promo

Been follow up my missing Dropbox 23gb Promo on HTC One X+ for weeks and finally found the answer. Below are some details about it,

Crashed HTC One X weeks ago and bought a new HTC One X+. Both HTC phones advertised with “25 GB of Dropbox space free for two years“, the extra space on Dropbox act as secondary storage since the phone itself lack of SD card slot.

The 25GB includes the orginal 2GB free space (after complete “Get Started“) while you sign up. As for existing Dropbox account user, you’ll only get a 23GB in exact, so i’ll mention 23GB instead of 25GB in this post.

My Case

Previously owned a Dropbox account with total 27.88 GB included HTC One X’s 23 GB Dropbox space. Since purchased a new HTC One X+, i’m expecting Dropbox to add another 2 years 23gb free space (total 50.88GB) on my existing Dropbox account, but yet to recevie any email for days. So, i went to Dropbox forum for help,

Update #1: answer from Dropxbox forum moderator: “You can only get 1 of each promo Bear so as you’ve already had a bonus from a HTC device you cant claim it again.”

Update #2: from Dropxbox forum moderator: “But, the T&C’s of the promotion state it is limited to 1 per type. Probably a restriction put in place by the manufacturer if I’m honest (to stop people taking lots back within the 30 day cooling off period to get extra space)”

and i asked which part of T&C’s of the promotion state it is limited to 1 per type.

Update #3: Dropbox forum Moderator, Mark Mc pointed out: “And I quote from the Promotion Details section “Each user is only eligible for one promotion of this type for a single account” at Dropbox’s help site: https://www.dropbox.com/help/249/en

IMO, something is just wrong here, in fact, i do owned those two phones and is not reasonable to claim only 1 promo. Then, i wrote an email to HTC Support. Thanks to Mary replied the email with clear explaination, and finally i understand how the dropbox free space promotion works, as below:

Thank you for contacting HTC.

We have read that you are inquiring about getting the additional 23GB space for your HTC handset via Dropbox. Don’t worry, I’ll be more than happy to assist.

Regarding your concern, you may log in the Dropbox account first on your computer and add the existing account on your new HTC One X+ so that the 23GB additional storage will go to your HTC One X+. Another option is to create another Dropbox account directly on your HTC One X+ and complete the getting started guide on the Dropbox website (www.dropbox.com/gs) to get a second additional space of 23GB for free.

Thank you for your continuous support of our products and services. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to call us at 1300-888-482. Our business hours are (Monday to Saturday) 8:00AM-8:00PM and (Sunday) 9:00AM-6:00 PM. You may also visit our website at http://www.htc.com/sea.

Have a nice day!


Joint up two Dropbox Account

Finally able to claim the second 23GB promo. Now, here comes other questions:

  • Since there are two different dropbox account, can i joint two of them to fully utilize those free space?
  • Anyway to access, upload and download those files from different account without sign-in or sign-out repeatingly?
  • The answer for this is to create a Share folder, read more over here “Help Center » Sharing” and share the folder between your accounts.

    In short, if you are facing the same case as above, refer these steps:

    i) Create another Dropbox account (different email) on your new device
    ii) Wait for a confirmation email, head to Get Started and complete at least 5 steps to claim 23 GB free space
    iii) Create a Share folder and invite yourself (by email) to join the Share Folder
    iv) Now you’ll have a Dropbox account with access to a Share Folder on another account
    V) Done and enjoy your 40+ GB space on clouds


    Note #1: HTC or dropbox also note that only the first user sign in on the new phone’s pre-installed dropbox will getting the 23GB promo. This is incorrect and does not apply in my case where i signed-in with my old account with HTC One X 23gb offer. Therefore, i created and signed-in with my new second account, and i still got the offer.

    Note #2: For those that have Samsung (48 GB promo) and HTC (23 GB promo) smartphones, dropbox member Rich R. mentioned another pot: https://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=63260&page=6#post-458301, as below:

    Mark, the information you posted above regarding only being able to have one promotion is technically incorrect. You are only allowed to have one of each promotion on your account. This means that you can have an HTC 3 GB promotion, HTC 23 GB promotion, and a 48 GB Samsung promotion linked to your account at one time.

    (by: Offcial Dropbox support R.M.)

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