HTC One X+: Auto Rotate stops functioning

Faced an issue on HTC One X+ after the “Camera” and “People” patch updates, the Auto Rotate stops functioning. Eventhough with “Auto rotate screen” selection was checked/ ticked at both “Setting”-> “Accessibility” and “Setting”-> “Display, gestures & buttons”.

After trying here and there, these are the steps to recover it:

i) go to “Settings” -> “Display, gestures & buttons”
ii) tap on “G-Sensor calibration” under “G-Sensor settings”
iii) place your phone on a level surface such as table or floor
iv) tap on “Calibrate” and let it do its job
v) done and your Auto rotate will be working again

Note: i noticed Touch screen not responsive properly while the USB charger cable connected and charged to 96% – 100%. The issue happened on both HTC One X and HTC One X+ with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. Disconnect the USB and touchscreen will work well as normal.

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Elaine Reel Life Photos

Hi . the Touch Screen issue you mentioned is also common to older HTC models too – particularly the “Sensation”, and can be very annoying if the battery is low, yet you still need to use the phone while on charge. Thought it was just me though… ! xx

5 years ago

    Seems like a HTC sense’s bug. Thanks for the input, elaine 😀

    5 years ago
Neeraj Sharma

thanks for the solution

5 years ago

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