Clash of Clans: Auto Search for Clan with Specific Amount of Loots

Do you find it annoying by keep clicking on “Next” button to search for clan with better loots amount? There is a way to skip that with an add-on application called xxzhushou (叉叉助手), by key in a minimum amount of Gold / Elixir / Dark Elixir Loots, the add-on will keep on searching and stopped on clan that meet the target amount.


Do mind the match cost will still deduct from your own loot while doing searching. For example, by putting in great amount such as 300,000 for each Gold and Elixir, it may deduct lots of loot depend on how many times it skipped.

The application only comes with Chinese language, currently work on Rooted Android phone, tested and works good on Xiaomi Redmi, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G Pro 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


To use the application,

i) you need a rooted Android phone, refer: How to Root Redmi 1 (Singapore unit Firmware: JHBSGBD15.0) if you using xiaomi phone.
ii) after root, install xxzhushou (叉叉助手) application from this site:
iii) install and allow it to gain access from SuperSU.
iv) launch the xxzhushou (叉叉助手) app when you want to use loot searching feature, you will find 3 extra buttons on the right as image above
v) go to setting “设置” to key in amount, press on start “开始” to search for match and start to play