Honda Jazz 2014: How to remove Glue Stain and reduce Paint Scratch

Girlfriend bought a Honda Jazz 2014 with Taffeta White, scratches and stain are easily visible on such bright colour. Two cases were faced after collected it for two weeks.

Case 1: Honda Jazz originally comes with two small piece of black rubber stick on both front driver door and front passenger door. As video below, by removing rubber, it leave glue stain with amounts of rubber.

First, i apply WD-40 and remove the rubber at the same time. NExt, as video below, i sprayed WD-40 on the door again to remove those annoying glue stain, with few wipes, it will be gone completely.

Case 2: Paint scratches caused by automatic gate. Same as case 1, i applied WD-40 and wipe off black-brown colour (as pic.1) from the gate. Fortunately, the dark colour successfully removed with just the less visible scratches left.

pic.1 Before

pic.2 After