Redmi Note 3G: How to make xxzhushou works

Been months that i have no idea how to make xxzhushou (叉叉助手) works on rooted Redmi Note 3G due to missing of black “X” function button where you can put in all your setting in.


Thanks to member “论剑、火攻” shared the solution on miui forum thread “[教程] 红米note完美解决无法使用叉叉等工具“.

First of all, you need to root Redmi Note, read here on how to root redmi note: [Tools, Tips & Tutorials] [REDMI NOTE PRO] W+TD+SG New Easy native Root/Unroot for any stable Rom + 37.0!!

i) download and install Root Explorer: link#1 link#2
ii) launch Root Explorer, then navigate to /system/framework

iii) delete following .jex files

– secondary-framework.jar.jex
– services.jar.jex
– delete android.policy.jar.jex

note 1: do not delete secondary-framework.jar, services.jar and android.policy.jar !
note 2: before i delete those .jex files, i did make a copy in to a backup folder, in case of anything goes wrong

iv) use Root Explorer search for /system/build.prop, open it in root explorer’s Text Editor.
v) refer picture below, add these two lines:


note: i deleted the automated backup file build.prop.bak


vi) install WSM tools: link#1 link#2
vii) launch WSM tools, follow its instruction and it will restart the phone
viiv) done and xxzhushou will be working fine now.