Mazda 3 (2010): Window auto-up/down issue

After car battery died and got it replaced, window on the driver side seems to not working as usual. Normally, i just pressed once (and release) on button and it will automatically scroll down or up all the way.

Problem here is i have to pressed all the way if want to open/close the windows fully, it is quite annoying as i have to repeat it when passing by security scanner to swipe the card. Luckily found a thread at mentioned on how to fix this issue, refer: Driver’s side window auto-up/down issues.

Steps on fixing the issue, originally posted by lovmyrx7:

i) Have your window all the way up.
ii) Hold the switch down, when it reaches the bottom, continue holding for three seconds.
iii) After holding for three seconds, hold the switch up.
iv) Once it reaches the top continue holding for 3 seconds. You should hear a clicking letting you know the AUTO feature has been programmed.