Wave Rest House & Cafe (海。浪滔滔民宿) @ Jeram


This is one of the most discussed home stay on recently. The place locate at Jeram, somewhere between Klang and Kuala Selangor, takes within 2 hours to reach if you are not lost.


It was built with double decked office cabins that often seen in construction site. With an extra top roof covered and air conditioner installed in each room, there are no worry for the heat.


As soon as we arrive and settled our room, the owner inform us to gather for an outdoor walk. One of the activity provided is a tour into mangrove and observe its unique ecosystem.


The small crab is changing shell from one to another.


Tiny colourful crab with imbalance size of arms, a large left chela and a small right chela.


Rising tide happened on noon and the sea water flew in massive root of mangrove plants.


Next activity, 15 minutes cycling of village road to the beach nearby.


Seems not suitable for swimming in these area and no one did. Kids collected lots of sea shell back to home-stay to make handicraft.


Scenery here is stunning, too bad didn’t bring tripod and wide angle camera lens.


Right after cycled back from the beach, we were told to get ready for a boat ride to observe on birds that stay at mangrove area.


Local fisherman caught on big Jellyfish, told by father of homestay, these will not be sold in Malaysia market, it will be export to countries such as Japan and Korea.


Lots of this species can seen around mangrove especially on the river side.


White Mangrove Crane


saw at least 4 eagles are flying around


After these 3 continuous activities, we are pretty exhausted and hungry.


These are the supper we ordered because of dinner portion are not enough for big eaters like us.

One thing to take note, make sure your booking days does not intersect with another big group, else owners will squeeze two days programs into one, and turn the suppose leisure become a tiring day.

Unfortunately, second day of our weekend trip was joint by a big group of local primary school students. Then, it was very obvious that owners are busy for preparation since Saturday and we were kinda left aside especially on the next day.


Breakfast on 8:30am is too late for Early birds like us, so we cycled to entrance road of home stay (that connect to main road, with Kampong Sungai Janggut signboard), there is a malay store offer plenty choices of breakfast, such as fried rice noodles, kuih and roti-canai.


There are nothing much to do on second day since we done all of it on day one. Cycled to the beach again and left a signature on the cabin before we left.


No doubt this is a relaxing place, imho, it is more suitable for family with kids. There are no TV, karaoke system or urban entertainment here, just a quiet peaceful night you will have, suggest on bring some card game or board game to spend spare times. Details of home stay as below:

海•浪滔滔民宿(Wave Rest House & Cafe)
Facebook: facebook.com/wavehomestay
Jalan Bagan Sungai Janggut, Batu 15, Jeram,
45800 Kampong Sungai Janggut,