Honda HR-V: Sport Rim Matching

Honda HR-V is one very good looking car in this subcompact crossover segment, but i truly can’t accept Malaysia version with stock 16-inch rim. The car should be fitted with at least 17-inch and above. Therefore, asked my talented colleague MR. Tim Ng for suggestion, instead of just picture of rims, he helped to photoshop on to print-screened Ruse black HR-V.


Advanti HL567: majority of my friends prefer this, as the pattern matched modern theme of HR-V. Too bad it is an old model which no longer available in several shops i asked.


Enkei Tuning SC32: two tone spokes that help the wheel looks visually bigger. This is the one i installed in the end. Refer to this page: Honda HR-V: Changed 17″ RIM and Owner Review


Lenso Conquista 4: star design that looks like five bold spokes. Looks ok but personally less prefer on this because look alike to existing Audi stock rim.

Thanks to Mr. Tim, i doesn’t need to hassle by visiting stores, install those rims temporary just to decide whether it match.

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Hi, i was wondering if changing the rims or getting tinted at outside workshop (non-honda authorised dealers) would affect the warranty. can you please share your experience? i just booked a new HR-V but was informed by the sales rep that any modifications done will make my warranty void.

2 years ago

    both will have risk, when problem happened, they will try to find excuses that escape from warranty. But in general, change rim or tinted outside will not void the whole warranty.

    2 years ago

      Glad to know. Thank you.

      2 years ago

        You are so welcome.

        2 years ago

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