Honda HR-V: Changed 17″ RIM and Owner Review


This is an E-spec Honda HRV (Hip and smart Runabout Vehicle) that comes with fewer gadgets. At the front, it comes with a pair of yellowish halogen Daytime running lamp. X-wing brings their current modern theme across models (Jazz, City, CR-V), “big head” body ratio add a little fierce and make the car appear bigger from front.


Pretty basic Honda sterling wheel with audio player and hands-free control at lower left.


The audio player supports Bluetooth music stream, pair your smartphone with it, use music player or Spotify to play, then you will notice music are play from car speakers.


Unique curved center console is my favourite, which provide more spaces to lay hand and add a little luxury look to overall car interior.


Same as Honda Jazz, the Continuously variable transmission (CVT) with Honda “G-design” shift logic that claim to be sporty and fuel-efficient. Two smart buttons behind gear are electronic parking and automatic brake hold.


There is a hidden compartment under first half of center console that might be little out of reach for smaller size user. At the edge, there are 3 ports for E-spec: power outlet (12v 120w MAX), AUX-in and USB connectiviy.


Automatic Brake Hold button, it helps while in traffic light or traffic jam, press and system will auto holds the brake right after a complete stop, it will release when accelerate. Means driver can relieve from keep stepping on brake pedal especially in serious traffic congestion.


Below arm-rest, there is a limited space storage, which only enough to put a small pouch, keys and few cards. With a more shallow part at end which fits smaller stuffs such as coins.


Standard carpet which already dirty, car hood and oil release at the side, with few buttons (fuel economy, vehicle stability assist & ultrasonic sensor) on the top.


Basic functions on driver side control, fold-able side mirror, left and right mirror switch, mirror view adjustment, window lock, central door lock and windows scroll.


Seems like storage space in Honda HR-V are generally smaller compare to Mazda 3 2010. As above, can’t fit in much gadgets in passenger side dashboard drawer.


There are no air ventilation at the back such as Honda CR-V, only another cup holder will be found here, center fold-able armrest is also missing at the back seats.


On the good side, back seats have a spacious for leg length, comfortable enough for an hour or two journey. Similar to Honda Jazz, back seats are versatile that can set-up into Utility Mode, Tall Mode, and Long Mode. I am also amazed with big boot space that consist 437 litres, definitely will ease me while loading road bike.


L-size Fondriest TF3 1.2 road bike fit just nice in the boot space without disassemble front wheel, 2/3 rear seats were fully down, 1 half down so i can put my stuff below it.


Different from Thailand version with vertical line tail light, we got LEDs that arranged in square-like design, where Honda named as “LED Rear Combi Lights”. As my SA showed us, rear fog lamp is only one sided on the right.


Good looking sharp-fin antenna, appreciate Honda Malaysia’s decision on installing this instead of Myvi type of antenna.


Hidden door handles near edge of rear windows that make the car feels like sporty two-door coupé.


Side mirror with turning light are electric fold-able, not automatically such as Peugeot 308 Turbo, have to manually press a button at driver side. For me, still not getting used to fold it before engine off, which Mazda 3 allow to fold (within minute) after key was pulled out.


1.8 litre SOHC i-VTEC engine (4 Cylinders, 16 Valve), Power: 142 PS (105 kW) @ 6,500 rpm and Torque: 174 N·m @ 4,300 rpm. Assumed this is a R18Z1 which is the same as current Honda Civic FB2. Thanks to G-Design Shift CVT, cruising alone with HR-V is smooth as silk, engage V-Tech by rev-up provide adequate power delivery when needed to overtake cars. But driving with full load 5 peoples, you will notice engine roaring while driving up slopes or hilly roads. IF you changed from a Sedan to this Mini-SUV, do take it easy on corners, HR-V comes with rollovers in a way that makes me goes slow and not confident in sharp turns.


Change from Honda stock 16″ rim to 17″ Enkei Tuning SC32 mainly for cosmetic purpose, as the stock rim dull design appear to be small, make the car looks imbalance and heavy.


As for the tyre, changed from Bridgestone Turanza 215/60 R16 to Toyo Nanoenergy 3 215/55 R17. Compare to less than hour drive on stock rim, 17″ is just a little bumpy and harsher, which is very acceptable with the exchange of better appearance.



i) Beep sound, i found lack of beep sound while lock and unlock the car. Tried to find on the manual but there are nothing about it. Found the issue stated in car forum discussed hood or boot not fully closed is the cause of it, and now the problem solved.

ii) Auto headlight sensitivity, it doesn’t provide an off-light basic feature. By place it in Auto, the auto headlight sensor sensitivity is high enough to be quite annoying, especially when the day is still not dark.

iii) Wind noises, whenever drive above 100km/h, i’ll notice obvious wind noise from driver side window, sounds exactly like window left with a little bit open. Seems like issue happened often in Honda cars, example: Wind noise at driver’s door window

iv) 1 USB socket, there is only one socket available in my E-spec Honda HR-V although stated 2 USB sockets in official site as image below.


Refer to this picture, under the center console bridge, only a 12V power outlet, follow by blank space, an AUX and USB. Check on, Honda official site and PDF file stated 2 USB sockets instead of 1.

Official Honda HR-V brochure given from Honda showroom. Now, i wonder is this quality control fault or incorrect information printed on all these advertisement.

*Update 10/03/2015: Sent enquiry about it to Honda official day before. Just received a call from Honda customer service, seems like they have put up/print out incorrectly, and now have change the quantity from 2 to 1 on official specification site.


Overall, i am enjoying the comfortable and relaxing driving experience from Honda HR-V, believe it will be very practical day-to-day for city drive and serve me well for coming years.

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3 years ago

Do you have any strange problems with your hrv when speeding 100km/h

3 years ago

Like suddenly breaking at 110 km/h

3 years ago

    Ejam, i did not experience strange break problem on high speed.

    3 years ago

Tq bear lew for thw info, actually i want to booked hrv but after somebody posted in honda malaysia facebook that claim got problem with sudden breaking 2 times , im little bit of worried

3 years ago

    For mine, only 2 minor problems, driver side windows wind noise and dashboard plastic cover above right leg level that doesn’t fit well.

    3 years ago

Bear Lew, can you share with us on your hrv fuel consumption, in town/hwy/town+Hwy.
I’ve read somebody comment that it’s a bit noisy when the speed reach 100km/h. What’s your experience?
How about center console, do you feel it restrict your feet movement?

3 years ago

    Nan, mine is mid spec and i dun have the fuel consumption recorded manually but i am very satisfied about the fuel consumption for daily commute. Yea, over 120km/h consider noisy for me. Center console doesn’t restrict and comfortable for 3-4 hours drive.

    3 years ago

Thx for the reply. Actually I’m considering for the V spec but since the petrol price keep increasing and the waiting time for HRV is around 4 months, I’m contemplating should I wait for the 1.5 liter BRV which is yet to be launched.

3 years ago

    That is a long waiting period. Alright, happy shopping then. Cheers.

    3 years ago

is the warranty void if change your rims?

3 years ago

Sir, is there any option to change aftermarket LED screen that specifically fit for HRV. I like LCD screen & luxury feel off high spec, but seems not worth a penny as to add another 20k for just minor accessories. I plan to buy basic unit…

3 years ago

    Good day din, i’ve seen ppl posting numbers of aftermarket stuffs on facebook hrv group, search for “HR-V Owner Malaysia (marketplace)”.

    3 years ago

Hi. Have u fixed the wind noise problem? I encountered the same problem u have. Honda SC seems dont know the causes as no one else complained.

3 years ago

    not solve. I gave up after seeing them just parked the car beside for hours without working on it. I just ignore it and play music louder.

    3 years ago

      Have u showed them this TSB solution?

      I noticed mine coming from front corner area of left window. Paid for 100k car but got this kind of quality. Haishh.

      3 years ago

        didn’t show them. dont want to waste my time for waiting at service center again.

        3 years ago

1. I also found that the auto headlight to be annoying. Even when I put it to “OFF” it will turn back to “ON”. Im afraid that the driver in front of me will be more irritated.

2. My fuel consumption is around 12 to 13km/l petrol so far.
Eh…will it improved if I use the ECON mode?

2 years ago

    nurul, you will get used to the auto healight. Econ mode will give better fuel consumption with exchange of power deliver.

    2 years ago

Hi Mr Lew, I’m planning to buy a S-spec HR-V. Does it differ much with the E-spec variant? (apart from smart entry and push start, wing mirror indicator etc), Btw, how much is the price for the Elken rims and new set of tyres? is it available in most tyre shops? Thanks ahead for ur kind reply =)

2 years ago

    Hi Andrew, not much differ i would say. But you may need to check on the bluetooth (for music playing) availability on S-spec. The rim was a trade-in, which added around 1.4k. Not sure about other tyre shops, i just simply go to the shop nearby my location for change.

    2 years ago

      Alright. Thank you so much for the reply =)

      2 years ago

        you are so welcome.

        2 years ago

do u recommend this for 6 – 10hrs long journey/drive


2 years ago

    guess a hybrid more suitable for you.

    2 years ago

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2 years ago

Just want to know is it normal each time when you off your engine you will hear sound from the side of the fuel tank like something shutting down. They said is the switch at the fuel tank caused it. Really? Has anyone come across this?

2 years ago

    Sammuel, i always tot that is sound of electric hand break.

    2 years ago

Got an S-spec HRV, loving it. Save the bucks and use the money to dress up the S spec with more useful accessories. Anyway, miss the keyless entry system in S spec.. haiz.

2 years ago

    Still the same car after all, cheers for your new drive.

    2 years ago

      Please do share more information like fuel consumption, repair / maintenance for HRV. As would like to understand more and not to get shock when send it for services. Thank

      2 years ago

        keng, I never record fuel consumption, but im very satisfied with it. repair and maintenance are alike any b segment car, just beware of what extra optional add-on while service your car at honda service center.

        2 years ago

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