Late review of Fondriest TF3 1.2 with SRAM Rival 22

Idea of changing a bike appeared after few senior and experienced cyclist pointing out that i’m riding on a wrong size Focus Variado 2.0. Done weeks of search and studying, Fondriest TF3 1.2 falls into my budget with consideration of TBFS’s (Tukang Basikal Fook Sang) good reputation.


With limited budget, these are specs i get:

a) Equinox 44cm compact handle bar
b) Ritchie aluminium 110mm stem
c) Fondriest TF3 1.2 Carbon Monocoque UDM frame (Black & Yellow FLuo)
d) Fondriest Carbon Seatpost and Saddle
e) Fondriest Carbon bottle cage
f) Sram Rival 11 speed groupset
g) Fulcrum Racing Quatro
h) Shimano 105 pedal


Without pedal, the Bike weight is 7.5kg. Total cost of the bike is RM 10.5k

After 9 months with 2000 kilometers of riding, Here are some of the finding of the bike compare to Focus Variado 2.0:

i) lost of energy while spinning when it comes to harsh and bumpy road, which create uncomfortable ride

ii) much confident on taking corners while on steep descent and fast pace, twist and turn of handle bar is stunning accurate. All because of the reverse fork design where they named it: “Reflex Fork – A cutting-edge fork with brand new form with inverted bend and a pentagonal head.”

iii) carbon saddle is better than expected, i get used to it after 3 months. There are no disturbing rubbing experience between saddle and Chamois Pad especially in long ride where sweat, rain, electrolyte drink or power gel falls on saddle.

iv) on bad condition road such as to Fraser Hill from Bentong side, whole bike will be shaking that makes me more tired in long climb, this may caused by its stiffness.

v) While on nice road, the responsiveness will always put a smile on me. Where i know every spin paid off.

vi) SRAM Rival shifting is much louder than Shimano 105, majority of riders in same peloton will heard it if trying to attack

vii) chain drop only happened once where it recover itself easily by simply shift gear, compare to Shimano 105 that gave me much trouble that need to stop aside, manually lift up the chain up on the cassette.

For bike fitting part, it takes me 5 months for the adjustment, i have been to the TBFS several times to troubleshoot on angle and measurements that create pains. Thanks to Mr. Wai, Mr. Khor, Captain Din and Mr. Yong helped me where the current setting won’t create shoulder, back, butt or balls pain anymore.

Here are what have been done to solve the pain on long ride,

i) slight higher seat post, push saddle more backward, adjusted angle of saddle several time to solve butt and balls pain. Took 5 months for this, since need to be try on for few rides after every change
ii) adjusted to lower angle of handle bar to solve shoulder pain

iii) right knee pain that happened after few changes on seat post, which require adjustment on shoe cleat positioning to solve

Next thing i might try on is change to a longer stem to 120mm since i always push to sit further backward while trying to accelerate faster or climb harder. Below is how it looks after 9 months and all the changes and hope it will serve me well for years to come.


Changed to Zipp 60, heavier but it can hold the speed better than Fulcrum Racing Quattro.

Fondriest TF3 1.2 with Zipp 60

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