Charge Skewer Information and Charge 2011 Catalogue

My Fondriest TF3 1.2 was sent for warranty claim due to paint crack, was told it will takes more than 3 months for the claim process. Decide to get another bike, leader of cycling club introduce Charge Skewer Ti to me, but limited official information can be found. As i know, Charge Bikes started on year 2004 and based in England, frames are build in Taiwan.

Charge Skewer

Sizes of the bike can be refer on image above, assume the frame doesn’t change since 2011. Short introduction of Charge Skewer as image below,

Charge Skewer 01

The old Charge 2011 Catalogue can be read below, for clearer version head to

If you want to download the .pdf file, use the following two sites:

i) Issuu PDF Downloader:
ii) Issuu Publication Downloader (3.0):