Jalan-Jalan @ Muar Town


Went to Muar (Johor) for friend’s wedding dinner, arrived earlier so we can visit pay a visit on famous Muar Glutton Street (贪吃街).


Teo Chew Kuih (潮州粿), the stall offered 5 variants of chinese traditional desserts. We have tried 4 out of 5, worth a try.


You can choose whether to fry or just eat it directly. I prefer without fry, although fried will be warmer but it will be more oily. Recommend the red bean sticky rice (豆沙糯米饭), chewy sticky rice with just right amount of sweet red bean paste within as companion.


Lu Shan Coffee Shop (庐山茶室), saw continuous client came in and order packs of takeaways, so we decided to have a try.


Curry chicken rice (咖喱鸡饭) with Spiced meat (五香肉), long beans (豆角) and Tofu.


Vegetable, fish cake and fish ball soup.


Famous Muar Otak-otak, grilled fish cake. Frozen package are available for takeaway, can be found in multiple stall in Glutton Street.


Fresh and hot Chickpeas / garbanzo bean that sell by an Indian that walk around the area.


Famous fried banana stall


Superb crunchy fried sweet potatoe that only cost RM 0.70, strongly recommend.


Herbal tea to cool down especially after heavy meal and under the hot weather.


Mee siput, crunchy fried noodle. Dare not to try the samba, scare i will get a sore-throat.


Cool down time again, Buah long long juice (番橄榄汁)


Went to Lotta Cafe for friend’s wedding dinner, a nice cafe with spacious garden area.


If you would like to know address and contact number, as image above. LAM Tel: +6012-7893282 / +6012-2482084, email: lottacafe100@gmail.com, address: 100, Jalan Junid, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia.


Environment friendly that suitable for friends to organize a catch up session.


Queuing up for Lego Shell Tanker on 7am morning. Shocked us when we saw the petrol station was crowded on arrive, no choice to buy an engine oil to secure a unit of Shell Tanker as it was selling fast.


Went to Wanglye Kopitiam (旺来美食坊) just opposite Shell Station, tried on 大弟经济面 since the stall is well organized and looks clean.


Generous portion of economic mee / meehun with Tofu Pok at a very affordable price.


Went to Tanjung Emas for cycling session after breakfast. The walk way is now filled with decorated pavement bricks, no car or motorcycle allow to pass here.


Mangrove trees beside the walkway of Tanjung Emas, a mangrove park is located at the end of walkway where numbers of monkeys, crabs and mudskipper can be seen. It was a cooling weather with short slight drizzle, we are lucky it stopped quick and we are able to continue to explore surroundings.


Clock Tower at Dataran Tanjung Emas, seems like a suitable place for kite playing.


After cycling, it is meal time again. Surprised us when we saw this vegetarian stall, they offer variants of foods in menu, includes Roti Canai, Curry rice, Wantan Mee, Mee Rojak and different kind of Bao (包). Located at 333 hawker centre (333 饮食坊), in between of Glutton Street (贪吃街) and Wetex Parade.

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