Logitech G602: Affinity Photo Profile

Logitech G602 Affinity Shortcut

Adobe photoshop profile for Logitech G602 doesn’t seem to work the same on Affinity Photo. This seriously slow down process on editing photo which is one of the main reason i bought this mouse for: the 6 function keys at side of Logitech G602.

The Adobe Photoshop profile i downloaded are created by Shelley (neacail), 3 out of 6 buttons working fine. Hardness doesn’t work, which is my frquently used function. Hardness shortcuts in Affinity Photo (Windows) is Alt + Left click + Right click, numbers of users requested for simpler short cut key, refer here: [Affinity Photo] Brush radius/hardness shortcut not working

Logitech G602 Affinity Photo Hardness Shortcut

Took some time to modify Shelley’s profile and this is my version that fully works on Affinity Photo:

Wheel Click: Zoom to 100%
G7: Zoom In
G4: Zoom Out
G8: Brush Up (size)
G5: Brush Down (size)
G9: Alt Both Click (Alt + Left click + Right click)
G6: Deselect

Note: the G9 Alt Both Click function works for both brush size and Hardness control,
i) hold G9 button + mouse roll vertically = Hardness control
ii) hold G9 button + mouse roll horizontally = Brush size control

Hopefully Affinity Photo can release an update with simpler shortcut key for both Opacity and Hardness in near future, so i can assign them on G9 and G6.

If want to try out, download the profile from here: Logitech G602 Affinity Photo Profile