Alcatroz: X-Craft Quantum Z7000 (USB Mouse) Owner Review


Sold my Logitech G602 and get a Alcatroz X-Craft Quantum Z7000 as temporary replacement. The Logitech G602 is a very capable mouse with lots of features, especially the seemless profile switch between different programs makes me rely on it a lots just within few days. But it doesn’t solve my wrist ache problem since the size is still consider small and it is quite heavy although with single AA battery in it.


Hands-on the mouse at Comic Fiesta, X-Craft Quantum Z7000 (wonder why the model name have to be this long) is a product that surprised me with such a price-tag, rubberized finish on surface is amazingly nice to hold and shape is very ergonomic.


The mouse only cost a RM 29.


Packaging that more or less the same as Logitech’s.


Size stated as “Large”.


It is a Singapore design product. Driver available here:


Downloaded and installed, the two buttons on the left will work as forward and back shortcut, scroll wheel click is a shortcut for move.


Simple but clever packaging.


Guess what, a free 230 x 190mm mouse pad! and the quality is satisfying.


Optical mouse, those with red light beam to bottom, pretty old school.


Great grip design, buttons are flimsy.


Such scroll wheel design are common on gaming mouse, prefer this more than the one on Logitech G602.


A little curve to support finger at the right side.


This is one huge USB head, have to connect on the other side of laptop to free up space for the mouse and mousepad.


Cable is much more smoother and flexible compare to Fantech G10.


As the current gaming mouse trend, disco light is a must.


Technical Specifications

6-buttons optical gaming mouse
Cpi switching on-the-fly: 800/1200/2000/3200
High performance and tracking speed up to 20 inches per second
Frame rate: 3000fps
Acceleration: 8g
High quality teflon foot pad
7-colours graphic lighting with pulsating effects
Cord length: 1.8m


Pretty confidence it will serve me well until found an ergonomic mouse with more programmable buttons (>6 buttons) that can ease my wrist ache.

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