Lombok 6D5N Trip (2017) Part 2


From day 4 onward, it will be two days tour to places i never been before except for certain parts of Senaru area, where Entrance gate of Rinjani Mountain located. We will be heading to south on day 4 and northeast on day 5.


Aruna Hotel is a whole another level now compare to 4 years ago. Classy hotel, probably one of the top in Senggigi.


A girl in traditional Indonesia wear that will serve you 3 different types of traditional drink which includes Ginger tea and another that looks like coconut mix with milk.


First stop, Sukarara Patuh Cooperative Traditional Hand Weaving Village. You can visit around the village, and get a hands-on weaving experience, but a step of wrong will most likely ruin whole piece of work.


Girls have to learn weaving skills since young, with a good skills of weaving, she will be consider as a good wife.


More than 10 peoples at the back of the car without proper seats and uncovered, rarely see this in Malaysia nowadays, for safety concern.


Polisi (Police), fit and tidy. We were welcome to take picture with him while worrying to disturb him, a generous smile that worth thousand words.


Then, we reached Penujak Pottery Village.


Process of drying up the pottery with heat from the sun.


Pottery placed at the road side without concern about vehicles that passed by.


Hand made, no modern machinery spotted in the village.


They will teach you step by step patiently on how to make a simple pottery.


Serious and beautiful.


Main material of the clay are from a mountain that locate not far away, mountain that is holy for the villagers because it provide them material to create pottery and earn for living. But the material are reducing in faster pace due to invalid and uncontrolled mining.


Simple life, basic house construction and there are very less electric products can be spotted inside.


End product done by my partner.


Arrived Selong Balanak Beach (Laut Biru / Blue Beach) on the afternoon, should have stay longer at this place, better to stay a night here. A perfect place for Surfing, less peoples as it is far from Senggigi, very fine sand, clean blue ocean with waves that suitable for beginners. IMO, This is a much better place to learn surfing compare to Pulau Langkawi and Bali.


Daihatsu Van that now modified become a shopping mall or golf buggy car.


Next, we reached Tanjung Ann Beach for Sun Set.


Waves at this place is more subtle, the beach is not polluted as those famous beach in Malaysia. Those Sand will full of rubbish and grass will be dead if this place visited by large amount of tourist.


A small hill that bring you to a movie like location.


What a fairy tale place, south Lombok is definitely a Gem that haven’t found out by those giant tourism company.


There are mainly just us as tourist at some of the place we visit on the day. Perfect spots for wedding photography as well, easier to control the environment and doesn’t need much Photoshop on the post production.


Angels Cafe at Senggigi for dinner, reasonable price for good foods.


Fruit juice, forgot what i ordered.


Mexican dish without meats, love it!


Gado-gado, Indonesian salad.


Day 5, day your to North East of Lombok Stooped by abandoned building that now now called as Villa Hantu, Ghost Villa.


Astonishing sea view on the top.


Graffiti inside Villa Hantu.


Next, arrived at Senaru, temperature is a 2 – 3 degree lower here, not cold but very comfortable.


Easy trekking to Sendang Gile Waterfall that only takes 20 minutes of slow pace walk.


Nazuam as our waterfall guide, he came all the way from Sembalun by motorcycle which takes an hour journey. Had a small chat with Nazuam on the development of Sembalun which i spent a night before 4 years ago. According to him, Sembalun is growing in fast pace with multiple restaurants and resort opening, it brings income to the villagers.


Sendang Gile Waterfall, you can stand underneath to get a taste of heaviness of water that fall from high altitude.


Want to train your Shoryuken (Street fighter) or meditation here?


Didn’t take a bath here, we continue our trekking to the bigger waterfall that locate further in.


Surprise the place is so well build.


Local kids are there to help you crossing the stream.


After another 35 minutes Trekking, we reached the famous Tiu Kelep Waterfall. This waterfall is the tallest forest waterfall i ever seen, water source all the way from Mountain Rinjani. The strong fall creates winds and mist to a distance that approx around 50 meters. Dare not to bring my camera in and the lens will cover up by water as you get nearer to the waterfall.


Put down our bags and get nearer to the waterfall, stopped about 15 meters away as it becomes too cooling due to wind and the water drops keep splashing on us. Tiu Kelep Waterfall is breathtaking, it shows how dangerous but at the same time feels amazing about the mother nature is. You have to experience it by yourself.


Mr. Adi brought us walk through the Longkang (drain) while going back, built hundred years ago, the drain are used to lead the water to Senaru village for farming and daily uses. Drain are as tall as a person, around 170cm to 195cm by measuring using my own height, wide is more than enough for a person to pass through with space (10cm – 15cm) on left and right. There will be a hole that enough for a thin person to get out for every approx 10 meters, for the use of cleaning out the blockage. This path is just alongside the trail we walk, but it is much more interesting and time passed faster and felt too soon to finish.


A short visit to Senaru Traditional Village and we are heading back to Senggigi.


Martabak, at Malaysian was called Murtabak, folded omelette pancake with bits of vegetables and minced meat.


Strongly recommended by our tour guide, Miss Monica.


Looks oily and the shape is different from those in Malaysia.


Crunchy texture and sliced in to smaller pieces that easier to distribute and handle with one hand. the taste is surprisingly good, crunchy on surface like biscuit, stuffed with fresh softer vegetables, beaten-eggs and minced meat.


Gorengan (ex: fried Tofu and fried Tempeh) that sells just a step away from Martabak, Mr. Adi and Miss Monica bought a lots to let us test it out.


Both fried Tempeh and fried Tofu are rarely seen in Malaysia street food, both of them are delicious, especially Tempeh that cut into thin pieces and fried it to Potato Chips texture alike. They should consider to packaging fried tempeh up, mass production of it and marketing it like Potato Chips, Tempeh Chips.


Back to Senggigi, went to Papa Besar Cafe that recommended by Greece tour guide Mr. Chris.


Double Storey shoplot with plenty of seats, air-conditioned.


How nice is the decoration of the dishes, love it. Gado-gado is my must order dish in this trip.


Mango juice, fresh and was blended on the spot at the bar. Worth every penny for this superb dinner.


Day 6 and bye bye Mountain Rinjani.