iOS: how to detach Alarm Volume from other sound volume


Normally my setting for Android devices are silent ringtone, loud wake-up Alarm with frequently adjusted Media volume. Android allow you to control these 3 Ringtone volume, Media volume and Alarm volume separately in an interface.

Apple iOS make it slightly tricky, all three volumes are tied into a single volume control by default, means if you turn down the volume, you might not be able to wake up by alarm because it sounding too soft. However, there is a way to detach them, thanks to the folks at Reddit discussed the problem: DETACH alarm volume from its dependence on phone volume in iOS 7!

In my case of silent phone call Ringer, turn-up Alarm and adjust Media volume without affect the other two. Here are the step,

i) switch the Mute button at left hand side to “On”, with button at bottom position
ii) Get into Setting -> Sounds & Haptics -> turn off “Change with Buttons”, from now on, volume of the ringer and alerts will not be affected by the volume buttons.

iii) turn up volume of “RINGER AND ALERTS” at the slider. Because Mute button switched on, Ringer will remain silent but Alerts will still make sounds.
iv) As for media volume, it is now control by physical button on the left or add it into AssitiveTouch , at Setting -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch -> turn it on -> Customize Top Level Menu -> add Volume Up and Volume Down for easier access
v) it will look like this in actual use,
vi) on the side-note, the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons originally can be found in AssistiveTouch -> Device button