Synology Setting: RT1900ac Router and DS115j

The setup of my home network with RT1900ac to Unifi is not as smooth as i think, connection between Router and Synology DS115j also took me sometime to figure out the problem. However, all have sorted out and working perfectly now. Below are the progress and settings,


Firmware: according to C-Zone staff from Digital Mall Petaling Jaya, Synology RT1900ac does not support Unifi out of the box, means it will not support Unifi straight away if you bought it new from somewhere else. The router firmware need to be update to the new version, but it will be a problem to update because can’t connect to internet in the first place. Fortunately, friendly staff helped me to flash the firmware, the process took around 20 minutes.

Unifi Password: somehow, Unifi password in registration form is different from the actual one, caused the router unable to connect to internet. To solve the problem, refer: Recover Unifi Pppoe Username and Password for TRG212M Router

DDNS: somehow, Synology QuickConnect doesn’t work for my RT1900ac, it kept showing “Oops…An error occurred with the QuickConnect Server. Please try again later” where DS115j QuickConnect ID working fine. Therefore, i used DDNS to set a Hostname, ex:, so i can connect the router from outstation. At DDNS section, click “Add”, fill in the form and done. Now, i can access it away from home through laptop or mobile app. Input “”, username and password, then it will connect the router that locate at home automatically.

*update: this is the solution provided by Synology support:
1.Please go to SRM > Network Center > Internet to set up the preferred DNS Server to (Google’s public Server).
2.Please go to SRM > Network Center > Internet > IPv6 Setup to disable IPv6.

Smart Connect: i turned on 2.4GHz/5GHz auto selection, range for 5GHz is too short in range. For example, in manual mode, while on 2nd floor, i need to connect to 2.5GHz as 5GHz signal is weak, then change to 5GHz while in living room where the router located. By turning auto selection, router will automatically select 2.4GHz/5GHz and switch signal band for me.

Traffic Control: this is the main feature i’m looking for a router, easier control the better, and Synology RT1900ac provide great solution in this case. It automatically list down all devices that currently connected, record the device in the list and allow you to rename / icon it for identification. Next, i can prioritize, set custom bandwidth speed, ban and Beamforming for every single device.

Synology DS115j: RT1900ac can detect the NAS but i just can’t access it. The happend because i’ve manually assigned a specific ip previously, which is The RT1900ac default gateway is, therefore, it caused error while trying to log-in to NAS. To solve this, i plugged NAS into old router and uncheck “Manually configure DNS Server” and let it automatically assign an ip when plug into RT1900ac. Next, DS115j interface can be log-in successfully, so i set another fixed ip for it, which is, as below:


Mobile App: mobile app was done geniusly by Synology, there are few feature that offered by it, for examples, monitor bandwidth used by each device, set low priority for a device and turn off LED lights of the router to make it in stealth mode, don’t need another party light device as stock Unifi router.