How to: use Notepad++ with Textfile on Cloud (Dropbox)

Using Evernote almost everyday on mobile phones since year 2011, like it because of the convenient and user friendly interface. However, it is still not powerful as Notepad++ (text and source code editor on Windows platform) which is a lightning fast application and suitable for most text-based tasks.

Prefer to use Notepad++ on office desktop and personal latpop, i find open Notepad++ in background together with Photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom and Affinity Photo is smoother, compare to using Evenote on sometime laggy Firefox and Chrome. I don’t’t see the purpose of install Evernote application on Windows as Notepad++ fit my needs.

Now, Notepad++ doesn’t have cloud service themself, but you can integrate it with your existing cloud service, tested on Dropbox and Onedrive, both works. In this case, i can sync / edit those text file between Dekstop, Laptop and mobile devices.

Chose to use Dropbox, because it included text editor by itself on iOS. Where edit a text file on Onedrive require to install another Word application on iOS.


Steps to integrate Notepad++ with Dropbox Cloud service, first you need to install Notepad++ and Dropbox on your Windows, then install Dropbox app on iOS devices. Make sure all Dropbox logged-in.

i) launch Dropbox, go to Settings Icon -> Preferences -> Account
ii) look at “Location” and rememebr that, ex: C:\Users\yourname\Dropbox

can choose up which file to Sync and which not

iii) launch Notepad++, go to Settings -> Preferences -> Clouds
iv) check on “Set your cloud location path here:”, locate the path to your Dropbox file, ex: C:\Users\yourname\Dropbox
Set the path for your cloud file on windows

v) Next, try to save a new text file with words in it. Check on your iPhone Dropbox and try edit it, make sure it will atuomatically sync. Done.