Talkbox for Android

Talkbox app is now available for android!

Go to to install.

or for direct install on android phone.

or android market:

Volume: If voice messages sounds too low, you need to increase media Volume instead of ringer, go to Setting-> Volume -> increase media volume.

Delete Conversation: Open talkbox, it will bring you to “Recent” conversation page. Long press on a message, it will prompt up with option “Delete this conversation”.

Reset Password: In case you forgot your password, go here to reset password:

User Manual: For Chinese version user manual, kindly refer to:

1.01 update available: kindly update through

i) Sync facebook to get contacts that already installed talkbox
ii) Group chat – Open a conversation -> menu button -> tap on “Conversation Info” -> tap on “Add to Conversation”
iii) Round button on top right, it gives contact to know your location on Google map. It will be done by tap the button and send a voice message.
*map is working while sending to ipad or iphone, but is not working on android itself. Tested on Xperia Arc and Samsung Galaxy S
Solution for Facebook sync problem:

“Avishai Okun
Solution to the Facebook problems on Android…

1) Remove the Facebook app or FREEZE it using Titanium backup (that’s what I did)
2) Open Talkbox and link your Facebook account, allowing it access after you type in your FB username and password. (This should automatically sync your FB contacts that use Talkbox.
3) Reinstall Facebook from the Market or “Defrost” using Titanium backup.

This worked for me! Good luck guys! :)”

1.02 update available:
Basically everything works fine now, geotag, facebook sync. However, battery consumption still high.

kindly update through