Xperia Arc 2.3.4 Firmware update (Rooted with locked bootloader)

Sony Ericsson rolled out 2.3.4 earlier than what they’ve planned, update is available through PC companion or SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service) since few days ago.

I waited for OTA(Over The Air) since OTA is the best way to update and remain rooted with locked bootloader. Please remember update by using PC companion or SEUS will wipe out your Root Access. OTA is the only way to remain your root access with locked bootloader since firmware 2.3.2.

On 23/September, OTA is available in Malaysia.
My arc’s firmware update details,

Previous Firmware: 2.3.3 rooted
Update path : OTA through 3G
File Size : 94MB
Duration : Around 20 minutes.

Now, it updated to 2.3.4 with root, data and apps remained.

Update highlights:
– Faster Boot time
– Swipe text input
– Calendar update
– Camera/ Video zoom in and zoom out (volume button)
– 3D Sweep Panorama and Sweep Panorama
– 3D gallery app
– Screenshots (hold power button)
– New widget: World Clock, Traffic, Weather
– Themes selection interface change
– Application manager transparency look
– Thumbnails in Home folder
– Updated Facebook inside Xperia
– Sony Ericsson LiveDock multimedia station
– Animation on launching Screenlock, Setting and Homescreen exchange
– Smoother action on browsing contacts, sms and application manager

**Note: If you are already on 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 without root, then you will need to:
i) Flash back to .181 firmware/2.3.2
ii) Gingerbreak it for Root access
iii) Update to 2.3.4 OTA

Follow this thread for detail information:

Refer this on how to Flash back .181/2.3.2 firmware and Gingerbreak:

i) Why need to Flash back .181/2.3.2 firmware?
-Because Gingerbreak only work on it. No recent update that works on 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 firmware.

ii) Why have to update through OTA to remain root?
-By Comparing file size downloaded between SEUS/PC Companion and OTA. OTA is smaller with 94MB. So, my guessing is that SEUS/PC Companion re-install whole of the firmware, where OTA only update some system files which din’t wipe out rooted part.

*Update on 03/12/2011
New easier way to Root with Locked Bootloader, refer this post::
“Root with Lock Bootloader: Easy Rooting Toolkit [v3.0]”

Android 2.3.4 for Xperia in October

Sony Ericsson going to launch an update for Xperia series smartphone on October.
Some updates on 2.3.4:
   – Google Talk with video chat
   – Facebook inside Xperia 2.0
   – 3D sweep Panorama
   – T9 Trace (Sony Ericsson version of Swype)
   – Screen Capture

Check this video:

How to root Xperia Arc 2.3.3 with locked Bootloader

if you are now on rooted 2.3.2 (locked bootloader), just update through 2.3.3 OTA, and the phone will remain rooted. Note: By update through SEUS or PC companion, it makes root access gone.

if you are now on 2.3.3 origin firmware, please read through this thread before start:
“[TUT]how to get rooted 2.3.3 with locked bootloader”


i) Preparations
– Make sure you have everything backup, be prepare to lost all or some data.
– Personally, i advise battery should be more than 50% on your phone
– USB Cable
– Downloads all 3 of below,
1) 3.0.A.2.181 generic firmware
2) Flashtool
3) Gingerbreak v1.2

ii) Installation
– Install “Flashtool_0.2.9.1”
– Extract “LT15i_3.0.A.2.181_Generic_World”
– Copy “LT15i_3.0.A.2.181_Generic_World.ftf” into folder C:Flashtoolfirmwares

iii) Flash back to 2.3.2
– Switch off Phone
– Launch X10Flashtool.exe -> Click on “Flash” -> Choose LT15i -> *Wipe User Data-> Ok
– It will ask you to plug in cable with your phone
– Press the back button while you connect cable to pc
– Release the button when you see the flashing is going on
– Once process completed, unplug USB and switch on the phone (It takes 10 – 15min)

*Note 1: Battery 1% Error

After reboot, your battery indicator might show 1% left. Shut down phone, pull the battery out for 30 sec. Put it back again and reset date, time, time zone. (i din’t experienced it, as i charge 100% while doing all these, just need to set language and time)

*Note 2: About check or unchecked “Wipe User Data”,

with checked “Wipe user data” box, it will flash your phone like new. All your contacts, calendar, sms, apps and homescreen will be empty. But your data such as photos, downloaded app, titanium backup batch file, music or video will still remain in SD card.

In my case,
First flash, unchecked. Thought i can remain all my system data, but i encountered uncounted forced close after successful boot in to 2.3.2.

Second flash, checked. i wipe out my system data includes contacts, calendar, SMS while second flashing process. However, data such as Titanium Backup batch files, videos, music and pictures all remained. Encountered 2 times flash failure, after reconnect usb cable, restart flashtool, 3rd attempts flash successfully. After that, everything goes smooth. Done Gingerbreak, Software update OTA without problem.

iv) Root
– Install Gingerbreak v1.2
– Launch Gingerbreak and let it run
– When it done rooting, it will takes around 10 min to reboot

v) Restore from Backup (if you have it)
– Install Titanium Backup
– Restore apps, contacts and data
– Titanium user guide:’s+guide

vi) 2.3.3 OTA update
– Update new 2.3.3 firmware Over the air (44mb)
– Finished download, it will reboot and start install firmware automatically.
– Screen with box arrow point up, next, box arrow point down (takes 10 -15 min)
– It will Reboot again, takes around 5 min
– Finally, here you go with 2.3.3 rooted Gingerbread.

Video Tutorial:
Arc – How to downgrade to 2.3.2, root with Gingerbreak, then update OTA to 2.3.3; still retain root

Video credit to ricstc

Xperia Arc 2.3.3 update

At last, Xperia Arc 2.3.3 update available in Malaysia. Update is currently available through PC companion and SEUS, currently OTA (Over-The -Air) is not available yet. Previously, i’m using rooted 2.3.2 with locked bootloader by using Gingerbreak.apk, this update works for me through SEUS.

Some info on 2.3.3 update:
  – 168MB
  – Fixed bugs on battery performance, HD video record
  – Improved touch sensitivity
  – Smoother auto brightness
  – Faster reboot time
  – Notification on Locked screen
  – New widget Media Discovery
  – Data transfer widget resized
  – Facebook Integration (<-click for official video on Sony Ericcson Facebook integration)

Update will not wipe out homescreen widgets, applications, contacts and data, all will be remain untouch and works well as before.

Two things to remind,
  a) Gingerbreak v1.2 will not work on this new update
  b) therefore, applications such as screen shot, titanium backup, root explorer will not work

Two Ways to update,
i) Update through SEUS
SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service), kindly go to, click on “Download here” to get the 39MB software. Follow step by step that instruct by the software to update.

ii) Update through PC companion
You can refer to video made by user ricstc below on how to update by PC companion,