ARC Battery issue

I am experiencing battery issue on arc that sometimes it drained fast even on idle, sometimes normal. For 2 weeks, i have been searching for an answer for this battery issue,

  i) Xperia arc support: Learn more about battery performance
  *done all steps above, not helping

  ii) talk.sonyerricson: Battery life of arc

  iii) talk.sonyerricson: Battery drain Issue

  iv) xdadevelopers: Battery drain (Mentioned about camera Issue)

  v) Posts about New Battery (Post#138) (Post#2) (#521)

By going through forums and blogs, there are no answer for this issue yet, but some possible reasons stated are:
  i) hidden services running behind
   * no matter on off data traffic (WiFi/3g)
  ii) Camera app
   * once run camera app to take picture, it will continue running behind
  iii) New Batt takes some full time cycles charge to work at its peak
   *drained three times and fully charged, still doesn’t help

Next, i done a small test to make sure mine is not fault unit,

Step 1
– Turn off all auto sync
– Stop Camera app by going into “Running Service” -> tap on free RAM at the bottom right with light green color -> Scroll and choose Camera -> Tap to stop it.
– Put on the battery widget that comes with ARC, it helps me to monitor battery percentage
– Uninstall advance task killer, there is still debate on whether it really helps
– Turn off GPS, Data transfer, WiFi and Bluetooth

Step 2
– Reboot
– Charge more than 5 hours
– Monitor

Monitor log:
14 hours, 91%
– idle for 9 hours as i am sleeping
– few msgs, alarm, miss call, check
– check on the running service and battery percentage for few times

1 day 2 hours, 81%
– half an hour music playing
– few msgs

1 day 15 hours, 69%
– 3g for 45 minutes
– music playing for 15 minutes
– working on Evernote few times
– few msgs, alarm

1 day 22 hours 39 min, 61%
– WiFi for 10 minutes
– Transfer 1 music album through WebSharing

2 days 3 hours 18m, 47%
– 2 msgs
– 40 minutes music playing
– 10 minutes 3g for ESPN, Download and install WordPress app

2 days 9 hours, 34%
– 3g for update Adoebe Flash 10.2 and Whatsapp
– Wifi for 15 minutes
– 3g for 15 minutes on surfing blogs
– take pics with Camera 360 for around 5 minutes

2 days 15 hours 14 min, 7%
– took around 20 pics with stock camera app
– few pics on camera 360
– an hour wifi
– 10 minutes 3g

2 days 16 hours, 0%
– arc auto shutoff

*not making any phone calls in this test

From the testing, it is obvious the battery unit is okay. I have no clue to point out which app or service that “sometimes” draining battery. I hope to have full access to system log.

My guess on two possibilities:

a) Incorrect battery charging measurement
For example: 100% on battery status actually is around 75% at that time. Therefore, it drain fast when using it. If this is the one, then charge it for a longer time although already 100%.

b) Apps or services running behind
If this is correct, temporary solution is reboot it when you figure out the phone drain around 7%-10% for an hour, with phone mostly idle or light use.

*Hopefully the coming Sony Ericsson official update will solve it.

Update: 2.3.3 update fixed battery drain issue.


Talkbox for Android

Talkbox app is now available for android!

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or android market:

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i) Sync facebook to get contacts that already installed talkbox
ii) Group chat – Open a conversation -> menu button -> tap on “Conversation Info” -> tap on “Add to Conversation”
iii) Round button on top right, it gives contact to know your location on Google map. It will be done by tap the button and send a voice message.
*map is working while sending to ipad or iphone, but is not working on android itself. Tested on Xperia Arc and Samsung Galaxy S
Solution for Facebook sync problem:

“Avishai Okun
Solution to the Facebook problems on Android…

1) Remove the Facebook app or FREEZE it using Titanium backup (that’s what I did)
2) Open Talkbox and link your Facebook account, allowing it access after you type in your FB username and password. (This should automatically sync your FB contacts that use Talkbox.
3) Reinstall Facebook from the Market or “Defrost” using Titanium backup.

This worked for me! Good luck guys! :)”

1.02 update available:
Basically everything works fine now, geotag, facebook sync. However, battery consumption still high.

kindly update through