Late Review of CBU Mazda3 Sport 2.0HB 2010

It’s been one year and a half driving my Mazda, one of the first batch import of CBU Mazda3 sport 2.0 hatchback. Comes with 1,999cc MZR engine, Max power: 145hp @ 6500rpm. Max torque: 182Nm @ 4500rpm.

Got it from Mazda Ampang, with the help of William Leong (which is Sri Petaling Branch Manager now), you can find him actively in forums such as: Mymazdaclub, Mototrader or Autoworld.

Currently mileage record at more than than 30,000KM. Gearbox is smooth, stock TOYO tyre still good to go, engine stay quiet as usual, handling remain responsive and seems everything is still in good condition.

What i think and discover about this car so far,
  i) Driver seat, the closer to steering wheel, handle feels more better, but in exchange of less space for legs
  ii) From 2nd gear to 3rd gear, there are a small gap. While floor the pedal fully down, there will be moment of “empty”, then the power will come right after that.
  iii) Comforts zone on 105km/h – 140km/h. Less or more than it just normal or bored
  iv) Little Shelf in the rear of Glove compartment which enough to store books or foods
  v) Have to place gear in “P”, parking mode to open Hatchback boot
  vi) Superb fun driving around east coast with mountains roads and lots of corners
  vii) NVH(Noise, vibration, and harshness ) level consider satisfied after year and a half

NVH level, Speed alarm at 170 KM/H

Since 4th quarter of 2010, ckd version of mazda3 was manufacture locally, handled by Inokom’s plant in kulim. Last batch of cbu mazda3 import arrived on april according to MyMazda club forum.

Differences between CBU and CKD that i discovered:
  – Slightly different material and weight on rim
  – Different brand of tyres, CBU comes with Toyo
  – Two variants: GL and GLS variants
  – The word “Sport” is not stick on sedan GL version
  – Colors and Prices:

 CBU Wheel Rim

 CKD Wheel Rim

Maybe you are considering this car now? Go for it if:
  – don’t mind around 450km per tank
  – doesn’t mind a little overprice than its competitors
  – doesn’t mind facelift is coming, Mazda3 facelift with skyactiv
  – okay with it’s unique shape
  – expecting a nice handling car
  – need for speed sometimes

For new Mazda driver, you can obtain more knowledge and ask for advice from Mazda Club malaysia or Facebook. Experienced Mazda drivers will try their best to answer your doubts. Furthermore, from time to time they will organize convoy, trips and gatherings.

Convoy for Mazda8 Launch at Mid valley

Mazda3 Rattles

There were 2 rattles noises in my Mazda3 so far.

First, got it fixed at Mazda service centre a month ago. Rattling locate at front cabin lights area, nearby sunglasses compartment. By taking whole lights control area out and double tape between contacts, rattle gone. As image below:

Second, this problem was already exist since i got the car. It will rattle whenever driving through uneven roads or rough roads. Took it to Mazda Centre several times and other auto workshops for check up. Although they can locate sound source area, but none of them able to solve it. Here is where the noise comes from:

What i did to get rid of it:
  i) Get a Polystyrene

  ii) Slipped it in

iii) Done, no more rattle noise.