Travel Life Bicycle auxiliary bar


Bought a in-car bike carrier bar that called “Bicycle auxiliary bar”, assembled by Taiwan company named “GREAT SAN YEI BRASS CO., LTD (尚益銅器股份有限公司)”.


Purchase the product from Tat Seng Bicycle Centre HQ at 33, Jalan 34/154, Taman Delima, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, it cost RM 160 without GST. Note*: thought it was RM 160 when i message them at Facebook, felt cheated here, a lesson learnt to make sure to ask whether GST was icnluded.


Product detail as below,

Model: CB-01N
Model Name: Bicycle auxiliary bar
Material: 6063 aluminium alloy
Length: 34cm
Length (extended): 58cm
Note: turn-able strap system on one side


The bar is firm after few test and practices, no worry on scratches will be caused by it. With the auxiliary bar, i can squeeze in another folding bike, JAVA FIT 16-Speeds at beside and still having 3/5 car trunk space behind.

For more information, check on official website: CB-01N.
For more photos, head to Flickr album: Travel Life Bicycle auxiliary bar

Honda HR-V: Changed 17″ RIM and Owner Review


This is an E-spec Honda HRV (Hip and smart Runabout Vehicle) that comes with fewer gadgets. At the front, it comes with a pair of yellowish halogen Daytime running lamp. X-wing brings their current modern theme across models (Jazz, City, CR-V), “big head” body ratio add a little fierce and make the car appear bigger from front.


Pretty basic Honda sterling wheel with audio player and hands-free control at lower left.


The audio player supports Bluetooth music stream, pair your smartphone with it, use music player or Spotify to play, then you will notice music are play from car speakers.

Collected new Honda HR-V 2015 from Honda Sungai Long


It’s been 5 years driving Mazda 3 2010, the car getting aged and parts are gradually giving me problems. That trigger idea of changing a more daily practical car that more comfort and relax to drive, Honda HR-V come to the top of my list.


Bought the Ruse Black crossover from Honda Imavest Sdn Bhd (4S Centre), it is a 4S centre that offer sales, service, systems and spare-parts. Moreover, it does paint job too.


This is one amazingly fast experience of purchasing car. Thanks to Mr. Bruce Lee, a responsible gentlemen that do thing right on time and keep me update on important progress. So efficient that it takes only exactly 8 days of purchasing time ( 25th February noon – 5th March noon) to apply loan, traded in Mazda 3, done previous hire purchase settlement, new car registration, tinting and get the car ready for me to collect on 5th March noon. I strongly recommend if you going to get a Honda, he can be contact at this number: +60196678823.


This is a very practical day to day car, spacious storage, adequate engine power with acceptable handling and i expect it to be fuel saving as Honda claim it.


Two things that i think it lack, first, the good looking 17 inch that both Indonesia and Thailand get compare to our old looking 16 inch alloy rim. Second, lack of peddle shift which can be use to down shift gear manually and slow down the speed faster without much breaking while drive over bumps.


After few days of driving, pretty satisfied with overall performance but expect much less spirited-drive as Mazda cars can provide.

Honda HR-V: Sport Rim Matching

Honda HR-V is one very good looking car in this subcompact crossover segment, but i truly can’t accept Malaysia version with stock 16-inch rim. The car should be fitted with at least 17-inch and above. Therefore, asked my talented colleague MR. Tim Ng for suggestion, instead of just picture of rims, he helped to photoshop on to print-screened Ruse black HR-V.


Advanti HL567: majority of my friends prefer this, as the pattern matched modern theme of HR-V. Too bad it is an old model which no longer available in several shops i asked.


Enkei Tuning SC32: two tone spokes that help the wheel looks visually bigger. This is the one i installed in the end. Refer to this page: Honda HR-V: Changed 17″ RIM and Owner Review


Lenso Conquista 4: star design that looks like five bold spokes. Looks ok but personally less prefer on this because look alike to existing Audi stock rim.

Thanks to Mr. Tim, i doesn’t need to hassle by visiting stores, install those rims temporary just to decide whether it match.