Pentax K-1: Deerekin Tempered Glass


Always worried to scratch Pentax K-1’s LCD screen just like i did on Pentax K-30. Therefore, ordered Deerekin Tempered Glass from Ebay, but the seller confirmed parcel was lost after waiting for 2 months, since 18 October 2016. Fortunately, the seller (dhl-888) responded fast and sent another parcel to me.

Yi Dash Cam Power Edition


Helped colleague to buy Yi Dash Camera Power Edition (小蚁记录仪动力版), total cost of RM 260.78, Sandisk High Speed Ultra Micro SD Class 10 64GB (48MB/S) RM 91.78 and RM 169 for the Dash Cam.


Holder, Cigarette Lighter Socket USB Port, long USB cable were included.

Pentax: What if you accidentally deleted DNG or JPEG files

Accidentally deleted my Raw files on Pentax K-1!!! Tried out few software out there, after done scanning files, it required to buy the software in order to recover part (around 1/3 of it) of images. Saw this from SanDisk official site, “Data recovery for memory cards and flash drives“, guess this software is more trust-able compare to others.

Evaluation version will only allow you to take a looks on which files you able to recover, but you will need to by to save those files. There are two options, buy the software or go to the dark path, *cough* pxrxtxb.. *cough*, if you got what i mean. Cheers.

Logitech G602: Affinity Photo Profile

Logitech G602 Affinity Shortcut

Adobe photoshop profile for Logitech G602 doesn’t seem to work the same on Affinity Photo. This seriously slow down process on editing photo which is one of the main reason i bought this mouse for: the 6 function keys at side of Logitech G602.

The Adobe Photoshop profile i downloaded are created by Shelley (neacail), 3 out of 6 buttons working fine. Hardness doesn’t work, which is my frquently used function. Hardness shortcuts in Affinity Photo (Windows) is Alt + Left click + Right click, numbers of users requested for simpler short cut key, refer here: [Affinity Photo] Brush radius/hardness shortcut not working