Lombok 6D5N Trip (2017) Part 2


From day 4 onward, it will be two days tour to places i never been before except for certain parts of Senaru area, where Entrance gate of Rinjani Mountain located. We will be heading to south on day 4 and northeast on day 5.


Aruna Hotel is a whole another level now compare to 4 years ago. Classy hotel, probably one of the top in Senggigi.

Lombok 6D5N Trip (2017) Part 1

Thanks to our Travel Expert, Bryan Lee, i got a chance to visit Lombok again. Did not have much time on 2013 visit due because Rinjani Hike taken up 3 days. This round will spend more time on my favorite relaxing Gili Trawangan, south and north east of Lombok.


Goats on fighting during boat trip to Gili Trawangan from Bangsal.


Jali Resort, although located a little further from port, but i like it here. Clean, good foods, silent, well design room, nice bathroom and relaxing environment.


Long swimming pool along your doorstep.

Pentax K-1: Deerekin Tempered Glass


Always worried to scratch Pentax K-1’s LCD screen just like i did on Pentax K-30. Therefore, ordered Deerekin Tempered Glass from Ebay, but the seller confirmed parcel was lost after waiting for 2 months, since 18 October 2016. Fortunately, the seller (dhl-888) responded fast and sent another parcel to me.

Yi Dash Cam Power Edition


Helped colleague to buy Yi Dash Camera Power Edition (小蚁记录仪动力版), total cost of RM 260.78, Sandisk High Speed Ultra Micro SD Class 10 64GB (48MB/S) RM 91.78 and RM 169 for the Dash Cam.


Holder, Cigarette Lighter Socket USB Port, long USB cable were included.