Fuse Changing


It happened both my power adapter and Ikea GRÖNÖ table light fuse were burnt, this also happened to IKEA NOT floor light, 2 out of 3 Ikea light/s fuse burnt, hopefully the new SAMTID won’t burnt out so quick. Luckily i kept extra fuses since last case, the Fuse just cost RM 0.80 and can be bought from any hardware shop.


Replacement is easy, use a small screw driver to take the Fuse cover out.

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Minoura BikeTower10

There are limited space for my partner’s Condominium to store two foldie bikes (Dahon P18 and Java Fit 16 Speeds), problem solved by purchased Minoura BikeTower10 “a Spring loaded telescopic length multi-level double bike storage & display stand”.


It cost SGD 179 from Rodalink Singapore include shipment.


The product is heavy and long, will not be a good idea to buy it from actual store and bring it home myself, unless trying to build up muscle.


Installed by ourselves, although maximum capacity per cradle is 20KG, but balancing the weight is important. I almost screw it up by having too much weight on one side. Balance can be adjust by place each bike in opposite, so the heavier rear group set weight can distribute to each side. Since we doesn’t have enough space, adjusting angle of cradle can still do the job.

Features from official as below:

      Holds two (up to four) bikes and can be set up in a room, house, or shop.
      The main pillar is made of lightweight and durable alloy tubing.
      Adjust the height between 1.7m to 3.1m
      The bike cradle can individually adjustable +/- 35 degrees angle with alloy band.
      The cradles are fully position adjustable with alloy band.
      Top rubber cup contains a strong spring for secure installation
      Metal ring reinforced pillar joint
      Can hold up to 4 bikes (2 on front, 2 on back) by adding optional cradles
      Mini-velo or kids bike also available

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