Fuse Changing


It happened both my power adapter and Ikea GRÖNÖ table light fuse were burnt, this also happened to IKEA NOT floor light, 2 out of 3 Ikea light/s fuse burnt, hopefully the new SAMTID won’t burnt out so quick. Luckily i kept extra fuses since last case, the Fuse just cost RM 0.80 and can be bought from any hardware shop.


Replacement is easy, use a small screw driver to take the Fuse cover out.

Pentax K-1: Deerekin Tempered Glass


Always worried to scratch Pentax K-1’s LCD screen just like i did on Pentax K-30. Therefore, ordered Deerekin Tempered Glass from Ebay, but the seller confirmed parcel was lost after waiting for 2 months, since 18 October 2016. Fortunately, the seller (dhl-888) responded fast and sent another parcel to me.

Alcatroz: X-Craft Quantum Z7000 (USB Mouse) Owner Review


Sold my Logitech G602 and get a Alcatroz X-Craft Quantum Z7000 as temporary replacement. The Logitech G602 is a very capable mouse with lots of features, especially the seemless profile switch between different programs makes me rely on it a lots just within few days. But it doesn’t solve my wrist ache problem since the size is still consider small and it is quite heavy although with single AA battery in it.


Hands-on the mouse at Comic Fiesta, X-Craft Quantum Z7000 (wonder why the model name have to be this long) is a product that surprised me with such a price-tag, rubberized finish on surface is amazingly nice to hold and shape is very ergonomic.

Yi Dash Cam Power Edition


Helped colleague to buy Yi Dash Camera Power Edition (小蚁记录仪动力版), total cost of RM 260.78, Sandisk High Speed Ultra Micro SD Class 10 64GB (48MB/S) RM 91.78 and RM 169 for the Dash Cam.


Holder, Cigarette Lighter Socket USB Port, long USB cable were included.