Death of Philips 32PFL403S LCD TV

Few days ago, i just experienced death of my Philips 32PFL403S/97 LCD TV. Without any sign, the screen sudden turned from color to white, with the sound still working.

Bought the LCD since year 2008 3rd quarter with RM 1699, moderate use, average 3-4 hours per day.

Tried to find solution online,

i) Yahoo! Answers

ii) Fixya

Those solution above doesn’t seems easy for DIY, so i went to 2 local electronics shops, but none of them willing to try fixing it. According to them, replacement parts availability of the brand is bad, especially for old model. Advised me bring it to dealer shop or service centre.

To save time, i just bought a new one instead. A Sharp LC32L400M- bk.

Compare to previous Philips, Sharp brighten up dark area of image to make it more visible. It also comes with backlight control and auto brightness control. Not bad for a RM 1k product.

How to Sign in different account on android’s youtube app

Take me sometime to figure out how to do this, as below:

step 1: open youtube app
step 2: tap the menu button on your phone, choose “my channel”
step 3: click “sign out” on top right, and it will redirect to youtube home page
step 4: now, go back to “my channel” again, it will prompt up a box with selection of sign in existing account or Add account.

Add new account here, to sign in different account next time, repeat steps above, and you will see different accounts in the prompt box.

Angry Birds: Star Wars

The angry war become wider and larger, now they put on new outfit and goes
up to  the space! The coming soon Angry Birds Star Wars edition.

It looks tough or tougher now, hopefully it doesn’t takes forever fail and restart
process to complete it.

The Angry Rebels

The Imperial Pigs

Angry Luke on the move

Here goes Angry Han Solo


Source:  Angry Birds And Star Wars

Some useful Android apps

i) Talkbox Voice Messenger
Walkie Talkie alike, online voice messenger. It is fun to use.

ii) QR Droids Private
Simple, fast and accurate QR Code (Quick Response) app.

iii) Papago x5 for Malaysia and Singapore
Tutorial : how to install PaPaGo X5 SG&MY for Android built-in GPS phone

iv) Dropbox
Easier way to share and store files, skip process of emailing files to yourself. You need to install drop box on each of your devices, mobile, desktop or laptop in order to work.

v) Moai FLV Player
To play downloaded youtube file (.FLV), this will be the app that works well.

But do install Adobe Air as this app need it to run:

vi) Kindle for Android
Book reader, currently restricted to some region, but there is still way to get a taste of kindle. Steps as below:
    a) Register Amazon account from
    b) Click on this link if you can’t get it from android market: Freewarelovers
    c) Install, type in Amazon account on first screen launched to register Kindle online.
    d) After that, it will load up some free books on the shelf. Done.

vii) Astro File Manager
Steps for create music playlist:
    a) Go to music folder, click on “Multi” above, choose files
    b) Click on Music, it will prompt up option of Play and “add to playlist
    c) Create new playlist or add in existing playlist
    c) After that, go to stock music player, Click on playlist, then new playlist will be there.

viii) TeamViewer
It works like any pc remote, but here you can control pc by using Android phone, through wireless or 3G. Kindly read through this link for setup: “How to control computers remotely with your Android phone”

ix) Waze
“Waze is a free social traffic and navigation app that uses real-time road reports from drivers nearby to save commuting time and improve your everyday driving.”

x) Swype
It will speed up typing after get used to it. Try out these tips: 7 Swype keyboard tips for better Swyping

xi) Tasker and lazy droid