How to: Set DuckDuckGo as Default Search Engine in Chrome

Want to tryout DuckDuckGo as search engine? Refer image above and follow steps below:

1. launch Google Chrome -> click on “Settings”
2. under “Search” session, click “Manage search engine”
3. scroll to bottom, then an input columns will be spotted
4. Add a new search engine, type “DuckDuckGo”
5. Keyword, type “”
6. URL with %s in place of query, type “”
7. click off the entry, scroll up to “Default search settings”
8. Mouse over “DuckDuckGo”, click on “Make default” blue button and done.

Pentax: What if you accidentally deleted DNG or JPEG files

Accidentally deleted my Raw files on Pentax K-1!!! Tried out few software out there, after done scanning files, it required to buy the software in order to recover part (around 1/3 of it) of images. Saw this from SanDisk official site, “Data recovery for memory cards and flash drives“, guess this software is more trust-able compare to others.

Evaluation version will only allow you to take a looks on which files you able to recover, but you will need to by to save those files. There are two options, buy the software or go to the dark path, *cough* pxrxtxb.. *cough*, if you got what i mean. Cheers.

Logitech: G602 Wireless Mouse Owner Review

Joemeek threeQ: User Manual


Joemeek has been stay in my pedal case since year 2009, previously use it as medium between effect pedals and Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 audio interface, it makes guitar sound richer and cut into the mix. Thought the tube amp Blackstar HT-1R can beat it, but no chance, so now i’m still going it through Joemeek threeQ, it become: Guitar -> Visual Sound effect pedals -> Jomeek threeQ -> Blackstar HT-1R valve amp-> Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 audio interface-> Lenovo Ideapad 700 laptop.

Upload Joemeek threeQ user manual up before it happened the case like Visual Sound, where all the old products manual no longer available on it’s official site.