How to: Set DuckDuckGo as Default Search Engine in Chrome

Want to tryout DuckDuckGo as search engine? Refer image above and follow steps below: 1. launch Google Chrome -> click on “Settings” 2. under “Search” session, click “Manage search engine” 3. scroll to bottom, then an input columns will be spotted 4. Add a new search engine, type “DuckDuckGo” 5. Keyword, type “” 6. URL […]
Google Malaysia: “Get on the Cloud and Live there”

Share with you guys with an interesting article about Google clouds (client side) wrote by Google Malaysia Country Manager, Mr. Sajith Sivanandan, as below: A Challenge: Get on the Cloud and Live there By Sajith Sivanandan, Country Manager, Google Malaysia You turn on your PC or laptop, wait for it to boot up, glance at […]
Google: Chrome Web Store localized in Malaysia

Google Malaysia held a morning launch event for localized Chrome Web Store on today, May 16 in Flora Terrace @ Hampshire Place. Hosted by Mr Sajith Sivanandan (Google Malaysia’s Country Manager), along with representatives from Google’s local apps partners which includes: Arun Verma, Head of Technology & Innovation, AirAsia Aizuddin Danan, Head of Web Media […]
WordPress: Useful Photo Tools(Free) for Writer

Images is a must for wordpress, it can help to avoid dull, create eye friendly and more colourful website. Purchasing high end photo editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Xara Designer and CorelDRAW will cost a lot. Normal user might not able to fully utilize it and it will be a waste on money. Here […]