How to: use Notepad++ with Textfile on Cloud (Dropbox)

Using Evernote almost everyday on mobile phones since year 2011, like it because of the convenient and user friendly interface. However, it is still not powerful as Notepad++ (text and source code editor on Windows platform) which is a lightning fast application and suitable for most text-based tasks. Prefer to use Notepad++ on office desktop […]
Dropbox: Beta available for Android now!

A new Dropbox Beta version for Android was released. The new update is mostly about new added image related features with a little tweaks as below: create images album select multiple photos at once to share links, delete or organize in to an album If you are interested in getting/testing Beta release in the […]
Dropbox: About HTC 23GB two years promo

Been follow up my missing Dropbox 23gb Promo on HTC One X+ for weeks and finally found the answer. Below are some details about it, Crashed HTC One X weeks ago and bought a new HTC One X+. Both HTC phones advertised with “25 GB of Dropbox space free for two years“, the extra space […]
HTC One X+ compare to HTC One X

Drop and Cracked my HTC one X which got it since early April 2012. It is not worth for repair as explained by the technician, cost of repair will be not much differ than a new set. Urgently needed a phone as all information needed are stored on the clouds, so i have to purchased […]