iPhone 7 Plus: Overview, Tips and Settings

It’s been a while haven’t use latest iOS product since the iPhone 5S and iPad mini. Current android phones line up doesn’t impressed me much, some comes with either dual-lens or water resistant, some looks 90% iPhone alike and biggest problem still, lousy system update support for all 5 android devices i got for now.

iOS: how to detach Alarm Volume from other sound volume

Normally my setting for Android devices are silent ringtone, loud wake-up Alarm with frequently adjusted Media volume. Android allow you to control these 3 Ringtone volume, Media volume and Alarm volume separately in an interface. Apple iOS make it slightly tricky, all three volumes are tied into a single volume control by default, means if […]

Celcom: iPhone 5 ROI (Registration Of Interest)

Right after Maxis makes their moves on iPhone 5 Marketing, Celcom launched their “Register” site too. Fill up details and submit this form, which will notify you on the latest iPhone 5 updates, the best plans and packages from Celcom: http://goo.gl/g798K

Maxis: iPhone 5 ROI (Registration Of Interest) available now

At last, the first telco in Malaysia started the sign of iPhone 5 arrival. Apple or iPhone fans can now register your self at this page: https://iphone.maxisdevices.com/roi/. Sign up and you’ll get the latest news/ updates from Maxis regarding the phone, no price available yet at this moment.