Spigen SGP: iPhone 5 Neo Hybrid EX Slim Case

Colleague of mine bought an iPhone 5 recently, to protect his precious phone, he added a fancy protective case named “Spigen Neo Hybrid EX Slim” in color of “Reventon Yellow”. Other than the border surrounded case, it also comes with “Steinheil” front screen/back panel protection film and a white “jelly” style home button as picture […]

iPhone 5: Pre-orders available for DiGi, Celcom and Maxis

The big 3 Malaysia mobile service providers: DiGi, Celcom and Maxis, are now open pre-order for the long awaited Apple iPhone 5. The smartphone will be available for self collection as early as midnight 12am on 14th December 2012 in Klang Valley area. Head to site below for detail information, DiGi: http://goo.gl/Am7cS Celcom: http://goo.gl/w28x2 Maxis: […]

Celcom: iPhone 5 ROI (Registration Of Interest)

Right after Maxis makes their moves on iPhone 5 Marketing, Celcom launched their “Register” site too. Fill up details and submit this form, which will notify you on the latest iPhone 5 updates, the best plans and packages from Celcom: http://goo.gl/g798K

Maxis: iPhone 5 ROI (Registration Of Interest) available now

At last, the first telco in Malaysia started the sign of iPhone 5 arrival. Apple or iPhone fans can now register your self at this page: https://iphone.maxisdevices.com/roi/. Sign up and you’ll get the latest news/ updates from Maxis regarding the phone, no price available yet at this moment.