Mazda 3 (2010): Window auto-up/down issue

After car battery died and got it replaced, window on the driver side seems to not working as usual. Normally, i just pressed once (and release) on button and it will automatically scroll down or up all the way. Problem here is i have to pressed all the way if want to open/close the windows […]
Mazda 3 2010: Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (215/45 R17 91V)

It is time to change new shoes for my car again with 83,000km displayed on odometer. Though the old tyre (Michelin Pilot Sport 3 205/50 R17 89W) seems able to continue for more mileage from outlook, but i can feel loosing grips of tyre while driving which creates slight lack-of-confident while taking corners. In addition, […]
Mazda 3: Cracked WindScreen

Cracked my windscreen for the third time, got this from a white Proton Saga FL on Federal Highway not long after Mid Valley. Unlike previously just a small stone chips, it is a star shape cracks surrounding a bull-eye hole in middle, extend to more than 5-Centimeters long.
Mazda 3: Cruise Indicator Light-on when start the car

On end of February, My Mazda 3 2010 keep display cruise indicator light whenever the car started, as image below, the issue continuous for more than 2 weeks. To get the light away, i just cancel it by pressing cruise control off button, but it comes to my concern when it starts to show everyday […]