PCC Interstate 2016 Photo Gallery

It is another year of Interstate, while year 2015 interstate to Batu Pahat is still fresh, here comes 2016 journey to Penang. Lots of new faces in EZ rider this year compare to year 2015.

Penang: Pinang Peranakan Mansion and Purrfect Cat Cafe

Instead of just staying at Fig Tree Hill Resort, we went to Unesco World Heritage area to have a quick drive and stop around. Picked few famous spot to stop by for photograph, but seems that few paint by zach were already gone such as the Old man and the two kids with kites. There […]

Penang: Fig Tree Hill Resort @ Sungai Ara

Sister of mine book us a hidden resort in the hill at Penang as a getaway on Chinese New Year.¬†Instead of forest, the resort is actually place on the hill within fruit valley which is not far a way from a urban resident area. It take us around 45 minutes from Georgetown to the destination, […]