Pentax K-1: Deerekin Tempered Glass

Always worried to scratch Pentax K-1’s LCD screen just like i did on Pentax K-30. Therefore, ordered Deerekin Tempered Glass from Ebay, but the seller confirmed parcel was lost after waiting for 2 months, since 18 October 2016. Fortunately, the seller (dhl-888) responded fast and sent another parcel to me.
Pentax K-1: Owner Review of long awaited Pentax Full-frame DSLR

Partner of mine got me a amazing gift on birthday, the long awaited full frame DSLR by Pentax, Pentax K-1. After considering products from other big boys such as Sony A7ii, Canon 5D Mark iii and Nikon D750, decided to stay in Pentax system with a reason, the three old limited lens. Where in the […]
Pentax K-1 DNG Raw Files in Windows 10

Used to shoot with raw files with Ricoh GX200 and Pentax K-30, works perfectly in Windows 7 and Windows 10. But for Pentax K-1, doesn’t seems to be the case by unable to view thumbnail picture in explorer windows and unable to directly display in Windows Photo Viewer. Although in can be accessed in Adobe […]
Pentax K-1 compatibility with Metz Mecablitz 50 AF-1 digital

Shocked me when Metz Mecablitz 50 AF-1 digital is not working well with Pentax K-1, although it is a third party lens, it should work well as it used to be on my old Pentax K-30. All images are over exposed on TTL (through the lens) mode, forced me to use manual mode to get […]