Mad Dog Tamiya Custom Image Gallery

Here are some of the Mad Dog Tamiya Custom Shop art works samples, all graphics/images were created/taken by custom shop owner (Dasa Ng), as below: Kindly go to this page “Mad Dog Tamiya Custom Shop” for more information.
Mad Dog Tamiya Custom Shop

If you want a Tamiya 4WD with optimized performance and more personality customized, look for Dasa Ng a.k.a. Mad Dog, a friend of mine with skilful, experienced and well known in this field. Contacts: Facebook: Email: You can find him in forums as below: i) Forum: TAMIYA MINI 4WD COSTOMIZATION, PARTS MODIFICATION […]
Online Gundam Model Store: Sekai Hobby

Received a flyer from my mailbox today. It draws my attention because i never see an Online Gundam Model Store flyer distributed in to mailbox, as below: So, i google it and collect information about the company. It seems like a new company/team and their details as below:     Company: Sekai Hobby Enterprise (002086576-U)     Billing Method: […]
Yamato Macross VF-1A Maximilian 1/60

Got this Yamato Macross VF-1A Maximilian Jenius 1/60 TV Version year ago. The figure design is based on its appearance in “The Super Dimension Fortress Macross” anime series. It is a fully transformable 1/60-scale action figure, which able to transform into Fighter, Gerwalk, and Battroid modes. Fingers are articulated, and four optional fixed-pose hands are […]