Sky Mirror (天空之镜) @ Sasaran

Thanks to Nick Lim for organizing a half day trip to Sasaran, the location for recent most discussed tourist spot: Sky Mirror. A chance for Malaysian to get an experience that similar to Bolivia’s salt flats, with much lower budget of course. The usual team mates, our gathering point at Wave Rest House & Cafe […]
Short Retreat @ Sekeping Serendah Warehouse

Thanks to our organisers, we had a nice short retreat from busy working life for 2 days.
Wave Rest House & Cafe (海。浪滔滔民宿) @ Jeram

This is one of the most discussed home stay on recently. The place locate at Jeram, somewhere between Klang and Kuala Selangor, takes within 2 hours to reach if you are not lost. It was built with double decked office cabins that often seen in construction site. With an extra top roof covered and air […]
Lata Bomoh Ali + Lata Berembun @ Hulu Langat

Never know there is such nice waterfall hidden in nuang, and i thought there is only one Lata Berembun (Lata Berembun Waterfall 4WD Expedition @ Pahang) which is in Raub, Pahang. Got a chance to join the team to seek for the “dry” trail which can skip the river crossing that you need to go […]