Lutan 21 (滷談) @ Malacca

Lutan 21 (滷談药膳养生馆) Just located few shops away from Veggie Planet and it is actually the same group too. Traditional themed decoration, like it a lots.
Veggie Planet 味滋圜 @ Malacca

Re-visit to Veggie Planet (味滋圜) after 3 years, when i joined 2014 Melaka Century Ride. The vegetarian restaurant is very well maintain, looks just as new as before. It was new year period on our visit.
藤 TENG (Japanese Vegetarian Dining) @ Sunshine Plaza

While i’m looking for Pentax lens at Sim Lim Square, my partner brought me to lunch at this very nice Japanese Vegetarian called “藤 TENG” at Sunshine Plaza.
Veganburg @ Eunos

Visit Singapore on the weekend and my partner brought me to Eunos for lunch. Vegan burger, located at 44 Jln Eunos, Singapore 419502 The restaurant is bicycle friendly with proper bike stand available here. Tom Yam burger, dare not to try. Nicely decorated in western style. Can see lots of woods and green colours around. […]